Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
The Provision of Waste & Recycling Containers at New-Build Dwellings10/12/2019For Determination10/02/2020
Review council support for low income households in financial difficulty26/11/2019For Determination10/02/2020
Employment land at Newton Abbot25/11/2019For Determination24/02/2020
Notice of Motion Fireworks20/11/2019For Determination10/02/2020
Howton Field Custom Build - Contract Award08/11/2019For Determination07/01/2020
Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2020-2107/11/2019For Determination14/01/2020
Town and parish council service devolution and asset transfer policy05/11/2019For Determination07/01/2020
Newton Abbot and Teignmouth Developments Update31/10/2019For Determination10/02/2020
Bowling club premises on Council owned land29/10/2019For Determination07/01/2020
Listed Housing Company19/09/2019For Determination
Land at Staplehill Road, Newton Abbot17/07/2019For Determination
Final Budget Proposals 2020/21.01/07/2019For Determination24/02/2020
Initial budget proposals 2020/21 and Council Tax Base01/07/2019For Determination14/01/2020
Local Plan Review Part 1 – Draft Plan23/04/2019For Determination10/02/2020
Wolborough Masterplan DPD – Proposed Submission23/04/2019For Determination
Wolborough Masterplan DPD23/04/2019For Determination
Teignmouth Regeneration19/03/2019For Determination
Leisure Strategy19/03/2019For Determination
Teignbridge Car Park Plan - draft for consultation19/03/2019For Determination
Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document and Starter Homes19/03/2019For Determination
Electric Vehicles Policy19/03/2019For Determination07/01/2020
Greater Exeter Strategic Plan19/03/2019For Determination
Dawlish Warren Habitat Mitigation19/03/2019For Determination