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Joint Scrutiny Committee Strata Performance Report

Meeting: 19/07/2021 - Strata - Joint Executive Committee (Item 7.)

7. Strata Performance Report - Strata IT Director pdf icon PDF 2 MB

Meeting: 12/07/2021 - Strata - Joint Scrutiny Committee (Item 14)

14 Strata Performance Report pdf icon PDF 2 MB

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The Strata IT Director referred to the report circulated with the agenda which updated Members on the performance of Strata since January 2021.


Whilst dealing with the increased demand in the service due to Covid and agile working and the recent return to the Council Chambers for meetings, success had included: the migration to Windows 10 and work commencing on optimising Global Desktop. Improvements would include a reduction in screen pixilation for Zoom and Teams, password synchronization, which will enable Councillors to manage their own passwords; commencement of the rollout of O365; greater levels of collaboration and document management; near completion of the replacement of Windows 2008 servers enabling Strata to gain PSN accreditation for a further 12 month period; the continued support for officers working from either the office or remotely as the lifting of Covid restrictions could see more staff working increased days at the offices; responding to new cyber challenges; the roll out of cyber awareness training to all staff; prioritising work demand for the three authorities to get back on track following prioritisation of Covid priorities; IT training services for both staff and Councillors which have been successful and widely used; support for hybrid Councillor meetings for all authorities; the Business Plan had been signed off by all three authorities; and the company had made savings of £1.051,425 for 2020/21 which was  repaid to the Councils at the start of the financial year.


It was noted that there was minimal Strata staff sickness (at an average of 1.3 days per FTE) over a 12 month period which was possibly as a result of staff working remotely and not in close contact with colleagues. 500 hours of flexitime had been lost by Strata staff over the last six months which equates to free time to the three authorities.


It was noted that remote working had resulted in a significant decrease in printing across the three authorities, and a resulting decrease in costs which has a positive impact on the Climate Change agenda. However the increasing use of IT and remote working could have a negative impact on the Carbon footprint of the authorities. . Strata are currently working with Exeter University to finalise a Carbon Impact report covering the last three years.


RECOMMENDED - The report be noted.