Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Carbon Action Plan14/12/2020For Determination04/07/2022
Open Spaces Delivery Management Task and Finish Group25/10/2021For Determination04/10/2022
Northumberland Place Properties21/12/2021For Determination12/04/2022
Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2022/2316/08/2021Recommmend Forward to Council22/02/2022
Notice of Motion - moving with the times - 21st Century Councils01/12/2021Recommmend Forward to Council13/01/2022
Dog PSPO Review11/10/2021Recommmend Forward to Council22/02/2022
Self Build in Dawlish07/10/2021For Determination26/07/2022
Homelessness Strategy04/10/2021Recommmend Forward to Council24/05/2022
Final Financial Plan Proposals 2022/23 TO 2024/2513/09/2021Recommmend Forward to Council22/02/2022
Initial Financial Plan Proposals 2022/23 TO 2024/2513/09/2021Recommmend Forward to Council13/01/2022
Street Naming and Numbering Policy22/07/2021For Determination04/10/2022
Open Spaces Management in new housing developments19/05/2021For Determination
Teignbridge Lottery proposals24/03/2021For Determination08/03/2022
Review of Air Quality Action Plan14/12/2020For Determination
Land at Staplehill Road, Newton Abbot17/07/2019For Determination
Teignmouth Regeneration19/03/2019For Determination
Leisure Centre Refurbishment Proposals.19/03/2019For Determination03/06/2024
Teignbridge Car Park Plan19/03/2019For Determination03/01/2023