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Striving to 60% Recycling for Teignbridge

Meeting: 02/03/2021 - Executive (Item 24)

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The Executive Member for Recycling, Household Waste and Environmental Health presented the report to consider the challenges and approach to increasing the district’s recycling rate to at least 60%.The agenda report detailed 10 proposed actions for consideration of which actions 8 and 9 would be referred to Overview and Scrutiny Committee 1.


It was noted that a percentage of some recyclable materials such as food waste, and textiles were being disposed of in the black residual waste wheelie bins.


The Waste and Cleansing Manager advised that increasing residents’ participation in the recycling scheme already provided would increase the District’s recycling rate.



That the 10 point action plan as set out in the report be approved as follows:


·       Action 1 - Work to deliver waste education and behavioural change campaigns and initiatives using available resources, with a specific campaign linked to the availability of free of charge additional recycling containers to encourage greater participation.


·       Action 2 - Work jointly through the Devon Authorities Strategic Waste Committee (DASWC), regionally and nationally on campaigns and initiatives.


·       Action 3 - Deliver an intelligence led approach to compliance work focusing activities on new housing estates and other low participating areas to maximize participation in recycling services.


·       Action 4 - Proactively seek external funding available to support recycling initiatives


·       Action 5 - Work across departments to develop and improve systems to help deliver high levels of participation in waste and recycling services.


·       Action 6 - Work to promote the garden waste service, including reference to the availability of additional bins and consider the option for properties to have greater than 3 garden waste bins


·       Action 7 - Support the installation of on street recycling litter bins in line with the policy in place


·       Action 8 - Review the additional bin policy to remove option or increase the charge levied


·       Action 9 - Review the side waste policy to reduce the allowance from 3 times to once per year and consider introducing charges for this service.


·       Action 10 - Continue to provide community recycling banks in recognition of the important role they play in maintaining high recycling rates within the district


The vote was unanimous.