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Revocation of Air Quality Management Areas

Meeting: 02/03/2021 - Executive (Item 25)

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The Executive Member for Recycling, Household Waste and Environmental Health presented the report to revoke the Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA) in Dawlish and Kingskerswell because the monitored levels of Nitrogen Dioxide were and had been year on year since 2016 consistently below government guidelines. Therefore the criteria necessary to revoke the AQMAs was satisfied.


Councillor Daws expressed concern about relaxing air quality management areas.


Monitoring air quality is a statutory requirement under the Environment Act 1995.  The Environmental Protection Manager advised that improvements in air quality for the areas at Dawlish and Kingskerswell justified the revocation of the AQMAs. Monies saved would be used for other air quality monitoring within the District. Officers are working in partnership with Town Councils to improve air quality in the remaining AQMA’s.  Work continues across the district to help improve air quality such as reviewing the taxi policy to reduce vehicle emissions from taxis.


The Executive was satisfied that information evidenced that the air quality standards and objectives were being achieved and were likely to continue within the areas of Kingskerswell and Dawlish.




(a)    That the AQMA Iddesleigh Terrace, Dawlish Air Quality Management Area No.1 31st October 2005 and the A380 Kingskerswell Air Quality Managment Area No.2 31st October 2005, be revoked; and

(b)    Delegated authority be given to the Environmental Protection Manager to take such action as he considers appropriate in connection with the revocation.


The vote was unanimous.