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Teignbridge Lottery proposals

Meeting: 08/03/2022 - Executive (Item 19)

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The Executive Member for Homes and Communities presented the report to obtain approval for the launch of an on-line Teignbridge Community Lottery (“the Lottery”) to help fund discretionary support for the local voluntary and community sectors and to enable organisations within those sectors to raise funds which will directly benefit local people and communities.   



(1)            The establishment of the Teignbridge Community Lottery be approved for the purpose of raising funds to support good causes, benefitting the residents of Teignbridge;


(2)            The appointment of Gatherwell as an External Lottery Manager to run the operational side of the lottery be approved;


(3)            The criteria for which good causes should participate in the lottery as defined in section 5.1 to 5.3 be approved;


(4)            The Chief Finance Officer be authorised toapply for any necessary licences from the Gambling Commission to enable the Lottery to operate;


(5)            The Chief Finance Officer and the Head of Communities and Service Improvement be authorised as the personal licence holders for the Lottery and authorise them to apply for the personal licence; and


(6)            Delegate the management and oversight of the Lottery and the authority to approve appropriate policies and procedures associated with the Lottery be delegated to the Chief Finance Officer, in consultation withthe Head of Community Services and Improvement and Executive Member for Housing and Community Services.