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Notice of Motion - Giving the Community a stronger voice in local planning

Meeting: 05/10/2021 - Executive (Item 69)

Notice of Motion - Giving the Community a stronger voice in local planning

For the Executive to consider their response to the Notice of Motion on the submitted by the Leader on Giving the Community a stronger voice in local planning to the Full Council 20th September 2021


Teignbridge Council notes:


The significant concerns expressed through the ballot box in Chesham & Amersham over the Conservative Government's Planning Reforms.


The concessions already made to Conservative backbench MPs concerns about the impact of planning deregulation.


Local residents concerns about their reduced ability to object to building works under Permitted Development Rights which have been extended under this Government.


Widespread concerns and condemnation of the Planning White Paper proposals across Local Government, The Planning and Architecture Sector, and organisations concerned with protecting green spaces and heritage.


Council is concerned that:


Government proposals to deregulate planning will remove the already limited rights of residents to influence or object to inappropriate development where they live.


The Government's proposals will decimate the character of our district and give carte blanche to developers to build what they please across large 'zones' without needing planning permission.


Council believes that:


Residents have the right to an improved say over development that will change the area they live in.


Local councils, in consultation with their residents and businesses are best placed to understand the issues in their area and respond with a spatial strategy tailored to that area.


Council calls for the Government to:


Scrap its Planning White Paper and instead


· Undertake a wholesale review of Permitted Development Rights


· Make the Government's Planning Inspectorate more accountable to local people


· Implement stronger controls to ensure Ministers making decisions on planning applications are not connected either financially or personally with the developers or related parties to the application.



Additional documents:


The Leader in presenting the Notice of Motion on Giving the Community a stronger voice in local planning commented that in light of recent Central Government announcements as to changes to the Planning White paper the Notice of Motion would be withdrawn.


Members raised concerns regarding changes to permitted development rights which reduced local authorities’ control of planning in their districts.


RESOLVED that the Notice of Motion be withdrawn.


The vote was unanimous.