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Strata ICT Report - Devon Audit Partnership Annual Audit Report

Meeting: 22/09/2020 - Strata - Joint Executive Committee (Item 29)

29 Strata ICT Report - Devon Audit Partnership Annual Audit Report pdf icon PDF 149 KB


The Strata ITDirector stated previous reports had highlighted the strengths of both the Strata’s strategic concept and direction and, in the day to day delivery of the full range of IT services to the Partners. Work undertaken this year further confirmed that the direction of travel remained upwards and that the appetite to continually improve remained as strong as ever.


Devon Audit Partnership (DAP) considered the Business Plan to be of a high standard and this, along with the high standard operational reporting and metrics, provided the measures from which continual service improvement can be delivered. Strata continued to perform strongly during 2019/20 and again exceeded the financial benefit targets set by the Partners.DAP advised that the authorities had Substantial Assurance on the adequacy and effectiveness of the internal control framework in Strata Service Solutions Ltd.




Meeting: 08/09/2020 - Strata - Joint Scrutiny Committee (Item 19)

19 Strata ICT Audit Summary 2019/20 Devon Audit Partnership pdf icon PDF 149 KB


The Strata Director referred to the Devon Audit Partnership, an organisation which works with Strata. An audit plan is produced at the beginning of the year in relation to Strata services which measures performance and effectiveness, particularly project management and delivery and cyber security.  The Audit concluded that the three Councils has substantial assurance that Strata can fulfil its role as the IT service provider with an adequate internal control framework.



That the report be noted.