Agenda and minutes

Planning Committee - Tuesday, 3rd September, 2019 10.00 am

Venue: Council Chamber, Forde House, Brunel Road, Newton Abbot, TQ12 4XX

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To confirm the minutes of the last meeting.


The Minutes of the meeting held on 6 August were confirmed as a correct record, and signed by the Chairman.


Chairman's announcements.


The Chairman welcomed public speakers to the meeting. He also reminded

Members of the Committee that they should not vote on an application if they are not present at the meeting to hear the entire debate on the application.


Declarations of Interest.




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The Committee considered the reports of the Business Manager – Strategic

Planning Committee Place, together with comments of public speakers, additional information reported by the officers and information detailed in the late representations updates document previously circulated.


Newton Abbot - 19/01172/FUL - The Minerva Building, Minerva Way - Installation of extract flues and biomass system pdf icon PDF 378 KB


It was proposed by Councillor Parker, seconded by Councillor MacGregor and



Permission granted subject to the following conditions:

1. Standard three year time-limit for commencement

2. Development to be carried out in accordance with the approved plans

3. The collective acoustic impact of the use of the site and any equipment, machinery must not significantly increase the existing background noise levels at the nearest noise sensitive premise.

4. Odour from flues serving the building shall not cause nuisance to the occupants of any properties businesses in the vicinity. No odours attributed to the operation hereby approved shall be detectable outside the site boundary.

5. All releases to air from the discharge stack shall be free from visible smoke, droplets, and particulates.

6. Prior to the use of the premises a regular cleaning and maintenance programme for the extraction system shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority.


Informative: - The development hereby approved shall not be brought into use until such time as the applicant has obtained the appropriate Permit or exemption from the Environment Agency.

(18 votes for and 0 against)


Bishopsteignton - 19/01414/FUL - Michaels Field, Newton Road - Installation of a single 10m column with two LED lights for Devon Air Ambulance to use at night pdf icon PDF 296 KB


Public speaker, supporter – The lighting column and night landing site would enable Devon Air Ambulance (DAA) to extend their response service, working towards a 24 hours a day service to the public; the road along Michael’s field is lit with streetlights; the lighting would be controlled by DAA and switched on only when required; the public, residents and the Parish Council have been consulted; and the scheme is supported.


It was proposed by Councillor MacGregor, seconded by Councillor Clarance and




Permission be granted subject to the following conditions:

1. Development to begin before the expiry of three years from the date of this permission;

2. Development to be carried out in accordance with approved plans;

3. The lighting column hereby permitted shall be used solely in connection with air ambulance operations. Once the floodlight is no longer required for this purpose the lighting column shall be permanently removed from the site;

4. The lighting hereby approved shall be installed in accordance with the lighting installation details given in the approved Design and Access Statement.

(18 votes for and 0 against)



Newton Abbot - 19/00456/MAJ - A382-A383, Forches Cross - An improved highways link including pedestrian and cycle facilities, sustainable drainage features and landscaping pdf icon PDF 1 MB

Additional documents:


It was proposed by Councillor Bullivant and seconded by Councillor MacGregor that planning permission be granted as set out in the report and as amended as displayed at the meeting.




Subject to:

 A) Completion of a S106 Obligation for provision of a contribution of £40,000 towards an offsite bat roost to be delivered within the wider NA1 allocation and

B) Receipt of satisfactory further information in respect of Environmental Statement content, specifically, assessment of vulnerability of development to major accidents and/or disasters;


Planning permission be granted subject to Conditions addressing, as a minimum, the following matters as well as any additional material matters arising from the receipt of further information and consultation responses, with the final drafting of conditions, their number, content and triggers to be delegated to the Business Manager – Strategic Place, in consultation with the Chairman of the Committee, and Ward Members for Bradley and Bushell.


·           Permanent drainage design

·           Construction drainage design

·           Delivery of the road to boundaries

·           Strategy for maintaining use of football pitch

·           A hydrological risk assessment

·           Tree protection during construction

·           Details of boundary treatments

·           Typical section through hedgebank

·           Details of junctions/roundabouts

·           LEMP to include monitoring provisions and feedback / enhancement

        CEMP (to include waste management requirements, and identification and    protection of pre historic settlement site at Forches Cross from damage)

·           CMP

·           Monitoring surveys of hop overs and under passes

·           Double hedgerows at crossing points

·           Habitat establishment in advance of impacts

·           Detailed light assessment

·           Mitigation measures and management in perpetuity

·           Monitoring and mitigation at Stover SSSI

·           Undertake a hydroecological risk assessment

·           Precautionary contamination conditions

·           Secure implementation of key measures in ES to mitigate risks during construction process

·           Archaeology WSI

·           Lower noise road surface

·           Assessment and details of noise mitigation barriers

·           Details of the proportion of materials used the scheme that are recycled to be submitted to and agreed by the LPA

·           Technical data provided for any mechanical power generation in connection with development

·           Report from professional sound consultant detailing control measures to be adopted for the control of fugitive noise emissions

·           Report detailing measures to be adopted for the mitigation of fugitive dust and fine particulates from migrating beyond the boundary onto nearby sensitive receptors

·           Control measures for dust mitigation for specific processes such as movement of vehicles etc

(18 votes for and 0 against)


Kingskerswell 19/00822/FUL - 7 Torquay Road- Erection of a dwelling in the garden pdf icon PDF 415 KB

Additional documents:




Planning permission be granted subject to the following conditions:

1.     Removal of Permitted Development Rights.

2.     Standard three year time limit for commencement.

3.     Works in accordance with approved plans.

(15 votes for, 2 against and 1 abstention)



The decision to approve the application is contrary to the advice of the Business Manager. The Committee considered the application acceptable for the following reasons:


Statement of Reasons

1.     The issue of building line is not clear due to Trevenn Drive being set back from the main road and other Torquay Road properties being set nearer the road.

2.     Properties to the south of the site are at different building lines.

3.     The site is considered sufficiently large to enable the proposed dwelling to be accommodated comfortably without being unduly dominant and overbearing to either the residential amenities of Thornbrook or the street scene.




Woodland - 19/01351/FUL - Sunset Cottage , Woodland - Single storey rear extension pdf icon PDF 222 KB




Permission be granted subject to the following conditions:

1.  Standard time limit

2.  Works in accordance with approved plans

(18 votes for and 0 against)


Bovey Tracey - 19/00723/FUL - 65A Fore Street, Bovey Tracey - Change of use from retail (Use Class A1) to a dwelling (Use Class C3) including replacement fenestration details and replacement of single storey rear roof pdf icon PDF 399 KB




Permission be approved subject to the following conditions:

1. Standard three year time limit for commencement of development

2. In accordance with approved plans

3. Prior to installation, samples or details of the fenestration and roof to be submitted, no vents or flues to installed on front elevation

(14 for, 2 against and 1 abstention)


Coffinswell - 19/00850/MAJ - Manor Farm, Daccombe, Use of additional land for camping purposes pdf icon PDF 583 KB

Additional documents:




Permission be granted subject to the following conditions:

1. Standard three year time limit for commencement;

2. Development shall be carried out in accordance with approved plans;

3. Landscape and Ecological Management Plan (LEMP) to be approved prior to commencement and implemented thereafter;

4. Site management plan to be approved prior to commencement and implemented thereafter;

5. Change of use to camping shall only take place for 48 days within the calendar year. The use shall revert to agricultural use for the remainder of the calendar year;

6. Development to accord with the recommendations of the Preliminary Ecological Appraisal and Ecological Impact Assessment;

7. No more than 75 pitches shall be in use across the site as a whole at any one time;

8. The site shall be used for the purposes of camping with no use by caravans / motorhomes. This use shall only take place between the last Thursday before Easter and the 1st October in each year;

9. Removal of Permitted Development Rights for temporary buildings and uses;


The wording for pre-commencement condition 4 to be agreed with the applicant, and in consultation with the Ward Member.

(16 votes for and 1 against)



Appeal Decisions pdf icon PDF 69 KB


The Committee noted appeal decisions made by the Planning Inspectorate.