Agenda item

22./1151/MAJ - Langford Bridge, Newton Abbot


The Planning Officer presented the application to the Committee.


Public Speaker, Supporter 1 – Raised the following:

·       The design has been amended to improve development

·       The housing is similar to that in Wolborough

·       The neighbouring football club has been engaged with

·       Provision of new jobs


Public Speaker, Supporter 2 – Raised the following:

·       Provision of homes to Teignbridge residents

·       Provision of open spaces

·       Ecological benefits included on site

·       The application has been amended with reduced energy de,ands

·       Provision of ground source heat pumps.



Public Speaker, Objector – Raised the following:

·       Concerns about the environmental impact of the site

·       National England’s acceptance is with multiple conditions

·       Lack of powers to address any environmental rule breaking

·       Lack of landscape ecology plan

·       There is no way to monitor bats on site


Comments from Councillors during the debate included the following:

·       Concerns relating to overlooking on a nearby property

·       Concerns about lighting from neighbouring football field

·       Concerns about the design of dwellings

·       The ground source heat pumps are a positive addition

·       Devon County is working to prevent parking on pavements

·       Concerns about reaching schools or walking into town

·       Concerns about the impact of late night events at the football club

·       Concerns about flooding on site

·       Lack of ecology plan

·       Desire for a wider bat corridor

·       Mention of NA3 Master Plan

·       Suggest of quarterly inspections

·       Provision of affordable housing

·       More lighting would alleviate any safety concerns

·       Is there a registered house provider?

·       Concerns surrounding bins and waste

·       Residents require social housing provision

·       Concerns surrounding bike theft


In response officers clarified the following:

·       23 meters between the existing dwelling and first new dwelling on site

·       Environmental health officer said no noise nuisance

·       Improved cycle route into town

·       County Council is the education authority

·       Bat route width and specialist consulted

·       NA3 meetings took place with various attendees

·       Quarterly checks carried out

·       Bat concerns affected lighting

·       No registered house provider

·       Waste covered in update sheet

·       The provision of social housing is protected by the s106 agreement

·       2 parking spaces next to open space

·       Toucan crossing for school access



It was proposed by Councillor Taylor and seconded by Councillor P Parker that permission be refused due to scale reasons. The vote was 3 for, 8 against, and 1 abstained, therefore the vote was lost.


It was proposed by Councillor Bullivant and seconded by Councillor Goodman-Bradbury that permission be granted as set out in the report.


A vote was taken – the result was 8 in favour, 3 against, 1 abstained.




That reserved matters approval be granted subject to conditions covering the following matters, the precise number and formation of which to be delegated to the Business Manager Strategic Place, to include:


1.     Accordance with the approved plans.

2.     No lighting to be installed on site (except for domestic lighting on properties on timers) above that agreed in the approved lighting scheme; further details to be submitted and agreed if this changes. The northern and western dark corridors to be maintained at or below 0.5 lux.

3.     Removal of pd/no windows within elevations facing onto the dark corridor

4.     Details of the local area of play (LAP) to be provided within this phase.

5.     Selected material sample approval, in particular of the external stone to feature in the 2 gateway dwellings.

6.     Details of the area surrounding the attenuation pond


NB: The conditions attached to the outline permission, and the obligations secured under the s106 legal agreement remain in force.


Supporting documents: