Agenda item

Impact of Covid 19 on Council Services

Report to follow.



The Chairman referred the committee to the previously circulated report. 

The Leader of the Council and PH for Strategic Direction reported on the generalities of the report reviewing the Council’s response to the impact of covid-19 and its approach to recovery. He referred to his letter he circulated to all Members which thanked officers and Members for their work. The review is suggested to progress the Council’s approach to the unprecedented situation with the establishment of two Member review groups to consider amongst other issues, recommendations of residents, and the devastating effects of the covid-19 pandemic. The review would aim to provide positive and proactive actions for communities, and those suffering deprivation as a result of the situation. The groups would review policies and ambitions and encourage green environments.


The Project Recovery Lead Officer referred to the recommendations of the report, which also outlined the Council’s initial response. The Council would continue to deliver core services whilst also aligning staff and resources to respond to the emerging needs of the community and government initiatives.

In relation to the strategic approach to recovery there would be an extended response stage co-ordinated County wide and nationally, with potential for further spikes and infections, to work towards an organisation that is fit for purpose and financially sustainable. Engaging with the community and responding in the short, medium and long term was at the forefront of recovery.


One review group would call representatives from organisations including rural parishes, community and voluntary sector groups, local businesses, and resident groups. The second review group would review the Council Strategy 2020-30.


In response to a questions the Leader advised that three review groups could be established in relation to recommendation 1 of the agenda report, if sufficient members come forward to sit on those groups, which would not need to be politically balanced. 


It was proposed and seconded that the recommendation as set out in the report be approved subject to group membership being a minimum of 6 members overall and be non-political. The review group the subject of recommendation 1 be subdivided into three to deal with urban, rural and coastal areas.


The Committee was advised that timescales set out in the report were based on resources available and what could be achieved in the timescale.


A vote was taken by roll call as follows:


For the proposal:  Councillors Austen, D Cox, H Cox, Daws, Eden, Foden, Goodman-Bradbury, Hayes, Hocking, Jenks, Morgan, Mullone, Nutley, Nuttall,

Parker -Khan, Patch, J Petherick, Purser, Rollason, Thorne, Bullivant   Total 21 – unanimous.




1.            That members note and endorse the council’s response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to date.


2.            That two, non-political working groups each of a minimum of six Members are established to:

a)            Assess the impact of COVID-19 on communities in rural, urban and coastal areas calling witnesses from each, and be subdivided into three groups  to focus on each of the rural, urban and coastal areas

b)            Review the Council Strategy in light of COVID-19, determine whether the plans still hold true and confirm what the recovery plan should aim to enable.




Supporting documents: