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Notice of Motion - Equality of Representation


The Executive Member for Economy and Jobs presented the report to agree the recommendations of the Audit Scrutiny Committee and Overview and Scrutiny Committees in relation to the Equality of Representation Notice of Motion and recommend those are put forward to Full Council for approval. She thanked all those involved in bringing this recommendation forward which would support the Councils commitment for change in the district.


Members welcomed and supported this Notice of Motion to go forward to Full Council.


RECOMMENDED to Council that:-


Motion No (1)

(1)  Equalities training for members is arranged through Democratic Services and members are encouraged to attend by Group Leaders;


(2)  That the Committee report template is amended to include “Equalities Considerations” and whether a Business Impact Assessment is required; and


(3)  The Councils Equalities Policy, which expires in 2020, is reviewed and considered by O&S and Executive and included in 2021 Forward Plan


Motion Nos (2) and (4)

The Leader of the Council write to the Secretary of State for Education urging him to:


(4)  Review the primary school, GCSE and A Level national curriculum with a view to ensuring that the historical record of the British Empire is treated in a way which fully takes account of slavery, the actions and views of historical figures and other oppressive experiences of BAME people, many of whose descendants are now part of our community.


(5)  Show compassion and understanding by starting a national debate led by the BAME community, which seeks to define racism, the impacts of it in today’s society - and demonstrate how we can all help people of colour feel fully included and welcomed in the UK (this could be part of the current government review)


(6)  Identify a Cabinet minister champion for the BAME community.


Motion No (3)

(7)  Councillors to promote the pilot educational project being undertaken in partnership with Teignmouth Community School by raising awareness of the project through their formal and informal networks and encouraging other schools in the District to utilise the curriculum resources developed through the project and/or undertake similar projects in local schools.


Motion No (5)

(8)  Following completion of the Equalities Impact assessment on the recovery plan, members of Audit Scrutiny Committee to review and determine if there are any areas of weakness. Comments to then be sought from external registered groups representing the interests of that group.


Motion No (6)

(9)  Recommend that the Council encourages local historic societies to identify street names of particular historic significance and develop signage to explain the history behind the street’s name.


(10) Review the street naming and numbering procedure to reflect the

       recent LGA advice note relating to requests from the public to change

       the public realm.


Motion No (7)

(11) An additional 2 questions should be included in the Councillors

 Community Fund form:


1. How does your organisation or project meet the needs of (tick all or any that apply)

Older people (over 65yrs)

Young people (under 18yrs)

People with disabilities

Members of the LGBT community

Pregnant Women

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) people


Please add any further comments here (Text box)


2. Do you have an Equalities Policy Yes / No

If Yes please upload a copy


The vote was unanimous.


Supporting documents: