Agenda item

BAME Notice of Motion

To consider the report attached.


Councillor Parker-Khan presented the agenda report which set out recommendations from the Review Group following consideration of the Notice of Motion submitted by Executive Member Councillor Jefferies to Council 28 July 2020.


Points 1, 5 and 7 of the Notice of Motion were considered by a review group of the Audit Committee. The remainder of the issues fell within the auspices of the OS Committees.


In response to comments from Councillors, Cllr Parker-Khan informed the Committee that the work of local historical groups looking at the history of street names and monuments would be monitored by the Council. She also advised them that street names would only be changed if it was requested through consultation with the public, and that this would result in a cost incurred.


It was proposed by Councillor Morgan and seconded by Councillor Bullivant that the Committee recommend the actions below are agreed by Executive and then Full Council.


A vote was taken. The results were unanimous.


The Committee RECOMMENDS to Executive that the following actions are agreed by Executive and then Full Council


Motion Nos (2) and (4)


[The Council to] Work with Devon County Council (DCC) to explore the prospect of making changes to the curriculum to include BAME experiences, contributions, and the FACTs of History, throughout the year. Lobby Government to invest and resource changes to the curriculum across the UK through the support of organisations such as The Black Curriculum and via associated campaigns.




The Leader of the Council write to the Secretary of State

for Education urging him to:

·         Review the primary school, GCSE and A Level national curriculum with a view to ensuring that the historical record of the British Empire is treated in a way which fully takes account of slavery, the actions and views of historical figures and other oppressive experiences of BAME people, many of whose descendants are now part of our community.

·         Show compassion and understanding by starting a national debate led by the BAME community, which seeks to define racism, the impacts of it in today’s society - and demonstrate how we can all help people of colour feel fully included and welcomed in the UK (this could be part of the current government review).

·         Identify a Cabinet minister champion for the BAME community.


Motion No (3)

[The Council to] Explore the possibility of an education transformation project in conjunction with schools that creates a suite of curriculum resources specific to Teignbridge’s History.



Councillors to promote the pilot educational project being undertaken in partnership with Teignmouth Community School by raising awareness of the project through their formal and informal networks and encouraging other schools in the District to utilise the curriculum resources developed through the project and/or undertake similar projects in local schools.


Motion No (6)

[The Council to] In partnership with DCC, [to] conduct a review of street names and monuments within Teignbridge to assess where information plaques relevant to uncovering the history of Imperialism and links to slavery can be put in place as soon as possible.




Recommend that the Council encourages local historic societies to identify street names of particular historic significance and develop signage to explain the history behind the street’s name.


Review the street naming and numbering procedure to reflect the recent LGA advice note relating to requests from the public to change the public realm.

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