Agenda item

20/.00802/MAJ Halcyon Road Car Park, Newton Abbot


The Principal Planning Officer introduced the application. He also updated the Committee, noting a drainage condition, 4 parking spaces which would be EV infrastructure ready, and the cycle parking condition.


Public Speaker, Objector – Spoke on:

·         Overly domineering/ large

·         Loss of privacy

·         Overlooking

·         Not in keeping with character of area

·         Presumptuous to assume guests will not stay in room

·         Carbon increase

·         Mental health impact

·         Effect on parking


Public Speaker, Objector – Spoke on:

·         Contradicts policy EN1

·         Design is not in keeping with the town, better design in Paignton

·         Recent bankruptcy proceedings by Travelodge

·         Construction of additional housing would provide more jobs

·         More suitable locations elsewhere


Comments from Councillors include

·         Need for a new hotel

·         Parking in cattle market

·         Increase in tourism and spending

·         Low carbon project

·         In proximity to public transport and entertainment

·         Parking lost will be replaced

·         Use of Air source heat pumps and solar panels

·         Limited use of carbon materials

·         Energy efficient lighting

·         EV charging stations

·         Current car parking is unattractive

·         Uncertain on design – the Principal Planning Officer advised that the building is not as dark as it appeared on the CGI concept

·         Positive use of town centre space

·         Opinions on the design are subjective and vary

·         Only 6 windows could be considered overlooking

·         No conditions can be included which restrict times of occupation of rooms – this was also clarified by the Principal Planning Officer

·         Loss to parking will only be temporary

·         Building design is good compared to the multi storey car park and other surrounding buildings

·         Premier inn still has spaces

·         Building is not attractive

·         Sun may be blocked from nearby houses

·         Loss of theatre may discourage tourism

·         Commercial need

·         It is up to Travelodge to determine commercial viability


It was proposed by Councillor J Hook and seconded by Councillor Parker that permission be granted as set out in the agenda report.


A vote was taken – see attached.




That permission be granted subject to the following conditions.


1.    Commencement within 3 years

2.    Works in accordance with the approved plans

3.    Materials samples to be submitted and approved

4.    Hard surfacing details to be submitted and approved

5.    Works in accordance with the Flood Risk Assessment

6.    Zebra crossing to be installed at grade to allow overland waterflow

7.    Unsuspected contamination management

8.    Construction Management plan including noise control measures to be submitted and approved

9.    Noise, vibration and odour report to be submitted and approved. Any necessary mitigating measures to be carried out prior to first occupation

10. Lighting plan to be submitted and approved

11. Operating terms to be submitted and approved including timing of deliveries and waste collections

12. Swift nesting facilities to be integrated into the building; details to be submitted and approved

13. Parking to be provided prior to occupation and thereafter retained

14. Two electric vehicle (EV) charging points and four spaces that are EV infrastructure ready to be made available prior to occupation and thereafter retained

15. Cycle parking provision prior to first occupation and thereafter retained

16. Submission, approval and implementation of a travel plan

17. Landscape implementation within first planting season following completion

18. No occupation until the works to the vehicular access have occurred and the pedestrian crossing has been relocated

19.  Submission of:

·         A detailed drainage design based upon the approved Flood Risk Assessment Newton Abbot, Travel Lodge P1.03 Document Ref - NWTN-ACM-TL-RP-100003 dated August 2019

·         Detailed proposals for the management of surface water and silt runoff from the site during construction of the development hereby permitted

·         Proposals for the adoption and maintenance of the permanent surface water drainage system.

·         Evidence that there is agreement in principle from SWW to connect into their system.

Supporting documents: