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Application for a New Premises Licence - Haldon Forest Holiday Park, Clapham, Exeter, EX6 7YG


The Sub-Committee gave consideration to a report presented by the Licensing Manager (previously circulated) in which determination was sought in respect of an application for a new Premises Licence for Haldon Forest Holiday Park, Clapham, Exeter, EX6 7YG.


The Designated Premises Supervisor attended the meeting and was permitted to speak on behalf of the Applicant. The Designated Premises Supervisor answered questions put to her by the Sub-Committee relating to:


·       Litter

·       Where the takeaway cabin would be placed on the site

·       The security of the shop and takeaway cabin

·       Who was expected to use the facilities


 No persons having made representations were present at the meeting.


Arising from consideration of the report, evidence presented and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Licensing Act 2003 Statutory Guidance, and the Council’s Licensing Policy, it was moved by Councillor Kerswell and seconded by Councillor Nutley, and


RESOLVED that the Application for a new Premises Licence in respect of Haldon Forest Holiday Park, Clapham, Exeter, EX6 7YG be granted as set out in the report.


Reasons for the decision:


The Sub-Committee noted that the Applicant was already running a shop and food outlet at the holiday park and was not aware of any issues arising from that business or that may have impacted on the four licensing objectives.


Members of the Sub-Committee noted the concerns of the local residents such as increased litter from the takeaway shop. The Designated Premises Supervisor confirmed that regular litter patrols were completed by employees of the holiday park and plenty of bins were provided. Most of the litter in the area came from the new takeaway establishment nearby and not the holiday park. It was therefore felt by the Sub-Committee that this was not a reason for refusal of the licence.


With regards to the prevention of crime and disorder and prevention of public nuisance the Designated Premises Supervisor informed the committee that there was CCTV on both the shop and takeaway premises and that the holiday park catered for smaller groups and family groups, it did not accept bookings from groups such as hen and stag parties. Residents of the holiday park are already able to bring their own alcohol onto the site. The Sub-Committee were not convinced that the sale of alcohol would have any impact on the local community and felt that there was no increased risk of public nuisance or crime and disorder and that this concern was based more on speculation than fact.


The Sub-Committee noted the concern that there would be an increase in traffic using the narrow lanes around the site to visit the shop and obtain alcohol or takeaways. The Designated Premises Supervisor told the Sub-Committee that the shop was not being advertised to the public, it was set back from the road and it was to stop residents of the holiday park from having to leave the site and drive to obtain shopping for everyday items such as bread and milk. The Designated Premises Supervisor did not feel that the presence of the shop would encourage extra traffic to visit the site. The Sub-Committee agreed and again felt that there was no increased risk of public nuisance as people who have made bookings would be travelling to the holiday park whether or not there was alcohol on sale.


The Sub-Committee was satisfied from the information presented that Applicant had put in place sufficient measures to ensure that the four Licensing Objectives would be upheld effectively and therefore deemed it appropriate to issue the premises licence as set out in the report.

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