Agenda item

21/00572/FUL - The Field, Dawlish Warren


The Planning Officer introduced the application.


Public speaker, objector – Spoke on:

·       Destruction of wildlife

·       High risk flood area

·       Fire risk from wood burning



Public speaker, supporter – Spoke on:

·       Green energy

·       High demand

·       Positive customer feedback


Comments from Councillors included:

·       Pictures should be more recent

·       Concerns over drainage

·       Flooding risk

·       Statement from South West Water

·       Concerns over use of vehicles

·       Concerns over lighting

·       Flow rates

·       Concerns about vehicle use at night

·       Possibly overdevelopment

·       Concerns over parking run off and connection to sewer


In response the officers clarified the following

·       Site is outside critical drainage area

·       Minimised energy and water usage

·       Habitat mitigation

·       Several conditions to cover concerns

·       Noise management as part of management plan


It was proposed by Councillor Haines and seconded by Councillor MacGregor that permission be granted as set out in the agenda report with an additional condition regarding drainage.


A vote was taken. 4 were in favour, 6 against, and 2 abstained.


It was then proposed by Councillor Connett and seconded by Councillor MacGregor that in absence of any other proposals, that again permission be granted as set out in the agenda report with an additional condition regarding drainage.


A vote was taken. 4 were in favour, 2 against, and 5 abstained.




That permission be granted subject to the following conditions:

1.     Time limit.

2.     Works shall proceed in accordance with approved plans.

3.     Details of the site noise management plan shall be provided with each booking made. The management plan and site booking terms and conditions shall specify noise minimization requirements including specifically after 11.00pm every day.

4.     No external lighting shall be installed on, or in association with, the camp site, except for low-lumen, PIR motion-activated lights on a short timer (maximum 2 minutes). Any lights should be mounted at a height no greater than 1.9m from ground level, directed and shielded downward and away from the site hedges and trees. The lights should produce only narrow spectrum, low-intensity light output, UV-free, with a warm colour-temperature (3,000K or less) and a wavelength of 550nm or more.

5.     A maximum of 26 bell tents shall be sited on the site, as shown on the hereby approved Block Plan.

6.     The site shall be used for the purposes of camping only. This use shall only take place between 1 May and 30 September each year.

7.     The camping pitches shall be occupied for holiday purposes only, for no more than three months in any calendar year by any individual occupant, group of individuals or family and shall not be occupied as a main place of residence. The owner shall maintain an up to date register of the detail of all occupiers, including their names and main home addresses, of the camping pitches on the site and shall make it available for inspection at all reasonable times by the local planning authority.

8.     The existing trees/shrubs and hedges on the southern, western and northern boundaries of the site shall be retained in perpetuity.

9.     Prior to its installation, section details of the decking for the 5 luxury bell tents hereby approved shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority.

10.Submission of drainage plans before commencement of works

Supporting documents: