Agenda item

Executive Member presentations

·         Councillor Jefferies – Jobs and Economy

·         Councillor Nutley – Sport, Recreation and Culture


Councillor Jeffries biannual update (economy and jobs) to committee was deferred until the next meeting on 10 January 2023.


Councillor Keeling represented Councillor Nutley who was unable to attend the meeting, and presented Councillor Nutley’s biannual update (sport, recreation and culture). The update included:


Leisure Centres

·           Thanks to the leisure manager, all sport and leisure staff and the chief finance officer and teams for their hard work and dedication since the slowly returning covid lockdown and difficult time. The impacts included issues returning from covid, post pandemic impact, financial position, budget challenges and rising utility costs. Swim England and Swim Teachers Association would be providing support to deal with the challenges.

·           Operating efficiencies would be monitored.

·           Decarbonisation works at the leisure centres were progressing and some work was completed.

·           Thanks to the Leisure Manager and staff for their commending efforts with administering CPR to a customer.

·           Despite setbacks the leisure centres were showing signs of recovery.


Leisure and Green Spaces

·           The opening of the new Den Play area, Teignmouth. Delays in obtaining parts for the wet play area due to difficult supply and demand issues resulted in that area not opening for the summer season.

·           Refurbishment of Ashburton play area and incorporation of a multi-use games area.

·           The Exminster ridgetop park, the second of the SANGS, and Dawlish country Park, the first of the SANGS were being well used by the public.

·           Waste crew staff had been trained to deal with cases of avian flu and other staff trained to deal with public queries. 

·           The Green Flag accreditation was awarded to the Resorts teams for the excellence in managing parks and green spaces.

·           The Blue Flag accreditation was also awarded to the Resorts teams for the excellence in well managed and clean beaches.

·           A delay and increased cost for the fencing work for Shaldon golf course.

·           Thanks to all involved in progressing projects especially voluntary community groups such as local wildlife groups (Bug recover project Bradley Valley), Exminster Nature Recovery Project, Starcross Action for Trees),The Friends Of Teignmouth Old Cemetery, The Friends Of

Homeyards Botanical Gardens Friend of Eastcliff, and Eastcliff orchard project.


In response to questions Councillor Keeling advised:

·           that delays in maintenance and improvements works such as the fencing at Shaldon golf, course was mainly due to unforeseen works and difficulties in materials supply chains.


·           It was not economically viable to open the Lido in Teignmouth for the remaining 2 weeks of the season. The savings from the closure has been divided up between the other District outdoor pools.


·           Swimming pool temperatures had ben decreased by 1 Centigrade in an effort to reduce heating costs.


·           Clear up costs of travellers’ sites were not currently being levied against travellers as the cost of recovery exceeding costs.


·           The allocation of a district hockey pitch as part of the play pitches strategy was being worked on, particularly with Chudleigh hockey team ranking 2nd nationally.


·           Plans to increase leisure centre memberships were being actioned.


·           Issues regarding access for cars and pushchairs at Dawlish SANGS were being followed up.