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Executive - Tuesday, 4th September, 2018 10.00 am

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Minutes of the meeting on 17 July 2018 subject to an amendment to minute 89 (Teignbridge Playing Pitch Strategy) to read 35 kilometres they were confirmed and approved and signed as a correct record.



Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.



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To consider the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan Update.


Additional documents:


The Business Manager Strategic Place advised Members on the progress of preparing the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan (GESP) and to recommend that a public consultation on a new vision for the plan, together with engagement on homes and infrastructure matters is held in October and November 2018.


He advised Members that the GESP was a combined plan of the four Local Planning Authorities of East Devon, Exeter City, Mid Devon and Teignbridge to cover the strategic maters for their area known as the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan. Devon County Council supported the plan. The four GESP local planning authorities would need to sign the document off before it could be published.


The Leader stated that by working together the five Authorities would be in a stronger position to put bids to Central Government for Infrastructure Funding to accompany the development in the Greater Exeter Area. 


During discussion Members raised the following points:-

·         Clarification as to the signing off of any amendments

·         Welcomed the approach to sustainable transport

·         Should there be a commitment to install electric charging points in car parks and on new housing developments?

·         Did the plan address transport issues of the rural districts

·         There was no mention of improvements to the A379

·         Allocation of Community Infrastructure Levy to Town and Parish Councils.


The Business Manager Strategic Place clarified that the Vision was now open and clear and in three sections covering ‘the plan’, ‘the priorities’ and ‘the place’.  It was expected that the plan would be adopted in 2021 and would run until 2040, the Teignbridge Local Plan expired in 2033. The final version of the GESP would need to be approved by Full Council. Measures would be considered to address transport from rural to urban areas including park and ride, car sharing clubs and transport exchange hubs.  Digital technology would be key to improving transport across the area. The consultation would be the opportunity for individuals to put forward suggestions, the transport scheme highlighted in the document were those that already had secured funding. The current housing target for the GESP area was currently 2600, new homes per year, although this would change in the future with new data, and development would be seamless across the district’s boundaries being in the most appropriate locations. The Council did not have a policy for the installation of electric charging points on new developments. The local proportion of the Community Infrastructure Levy would be for the Town/Parish Councils to spend as they see appropriate.


The Leader stated that a Sports Zone and Concert Venue to support the GESP area was an aspiration and that work would be undertaken on this in due course.




(1)        the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan document “Our Vision and how we make it real” attached as Appendix A to the circulated report be approved as the basis for public consultation; and


(2)        modifications to the draft consultation document could be made with the agreement of the Portfolio Holder for Planning and Housing, jointly with  ...  view the full minutes text for item 130.


Ide Neighbourhood Plan Adoption pdf icon PDF 79 KB

To consider the adoption of the Ide Neighbourhood Plan.



The Portfolio Holder for Community Neighbourhoods welcomed the making of this plan stating that, at the referendum on 26 July 2018, 88.37% of those casting their ballot voted to support the plan. The Neighbourhood Development Plan would ensure that Ide Parish received 25% of Community Infrastructure Levy receipts for developments within their area.  


RESOLVED that the Ide Neighbourhood Development Plan was ‘Made’ and was brought into force as part of the suite of Teignbridge Local Development Plan Documents as a material consideration in planning terms relating to the Ide Parish Area.



Brunswick Street, Teignmouth pdf icon PDF 2 MB

To consider the report on Brunswick Street, Teignmouth.


Additional documents:


The Estates & Development Manager presented the report on Brunswick Street, Teignmouth. Members received a presentation advising of the options available for the relocation of the car park spaces within alternative Teignmouth car parks that would be lost as a result of the redevelopment of Brunswick car park. They were also advised of the existing occupiers who would be effected by the redevelopment and possible options for their relocation.


A Local Ward Member raised the following:-

·         the conflict between the Rowing Club and Canoe Club and access for the life boat to launch on the Lower Point car park site, could the Rowing Club and Canoe Club relocate to Polly Steps; and

·         securing the future location of Teignmouth Arts Advisory Group (TAAG).


During discussion Members:-

·         recognised the valuable community asset of TAAG in bringing forward and supporting Artists;

·         the potential to use Polly Steps for additional parking plus a purpose built watersports centre and further facilities; and

·         that further work was required to investigate the options for the future water sports needs in Teignmouth and how best they could be met


RESOLVED that the recommendations be made in part II of this report.



Executive Forward Plan pdf icon PDF 77 KB

To note forthcoming decisions anticipated to be made by the Executive over the next 12 months.


Details were noted of the Forward Plan for the next 12 Months.





That under Section 100(A)(4) of the Local Government Act 1972, the Press and public be excluded from the meeting for the following items of business on the grounds that they involve the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of Part 1 of Schedule 12A of the Act.



Brunswick Street Teignmouth

To consider the report on Brunswick Street Teignmouth.



The Estates & Development Manager presented the report on the redevelopment of Brunswick Street, Teignmouth. Members were advised of the options for the site including a new hotel, the possible provision of a Health and Well-Being Centre and improved town centre parking. Any final development would be for Full Council approval in due course.


The Estates & Development Manager clarified the position with regards to the marketing exercise and the situation with TAAG.


The Managing Director stated that the position with regards to procurement would be clarified when the report went to Full Council and that all the options offered a potential facility for TAAG.


Members discussed the options in the circulated report and noted that a further detailed report would come to Council in due course on the proposals agreed.




(1)          To proceed with a proposal for the council to build a hotel on part of the Brunswick Street site;


(2)          That subject to a public consultation to be run by the NHS this winter, to work with the NHS to progress the delivery of a Health and Well-Being Centre with a remit to include replacement accommodation for Teignmouth Arts Advisory Group (TAAG), subject to TAAG raising necessary funding;


(3)          A feasibility study to be carried out to investigate the options for the future water sports needs in Teignmouth and how they can be met; and


(4)          The principle to develop detailed plans and carry out statutory consultation to construct a deck on the Quay Road Car Park be approved.



Sale of Property in Dawlish

To consider the report for the Sale of Property in Dawlish.



The Housing Enabling and Development Manager presented the report on enforced sale of a property in Dawlish. Members were advised of the issues that had arisen due to the property being unoccupied for a number of years and the steps that the Council had taken to date to address these.


Members supported the action proposed.




(1)        authority for the Council to utilise all relevant enforcement powers to bring about reoccupation of land defined in the plan, Appendix A, of the circulated report defined within the land registry be approved; and


(2)        action to be taken in the following order with progression to the next action when previous action fails, ie relevant outstanding debt is repaid.


(i)   Applying to the Court for an Order for sale - Enforcing the sale of the property to recover outstanding Council Tax debts Under the Charging Order Act 1979;


(ii)  Enforced Sale of the property to recover outstanding costs and fees incurred in respect of carrying out works in default under the Housing Act 2004; and


(iii)  Approval to progress to Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) under Section 226 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.  Subject to a further report detailing the cost implications and options for reuse of the property.