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Overview and Scrutiny Committee 1 - Tuesday, 22nd December, 2020 10.00 am

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To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 19 October 2020.

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The Minutes of the meeting held on 19 October 2020 were approved as a correct record and would be signed at the earliest convenience.


Declaration of Interest

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Public Questions

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Councillor Questions

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Executive Forward Plan

To note forthcoming decisions anticipated to be made the Executive over the next 12 months. The Executive Forward Plan can be found here. 


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The Executive Forward Plan was noted.


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The Committee’s Work Programme was noted.


Executive Member presentation - the Leader Councillor Connett Strategic Direction

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The Leader Cllr Connett updated Members on progression of areas within his portfolio, Strategic Direction focusing on the priorities of homes, climate and jobs.


     Progress was being made towards providing the Teignbridge 100 affordable homes, with £9.8 million investment, with the first 17 under construction or in the planning stage.

     The District heating scheme at South West Exeter was progressing for the new housing development.

     Social rented accommodation was being provided and there was investment in updating private sector housing.

     24 rough sleepers had been found homes since April 2020, and 313 households were prevented from being homeless between April and September 2020.


Jobs and economy

Efforts of the Council to maintain jobs and the economy included:

    £1.7m in grants to businesses so far for the second lockdown period.

    Tier 2 grants for pubs being paid from 22 December 2020.

    A decision was awaited on the Council’s Future High Street Fund bid of £8m.

     82 Kickstart job placements applied for, directly creating new jobs for   young people, 40 of which would be with the Council and the remainder in the private sector.

     Developing a ‘Jobs First’ reform to the planning processes to support the delivery of employment land.

     Simplifying the procurement process to support Community Wealth   Building.

    £2 million in the budget for economic development.


Climate Change – The Council was tackling the global threat locally by

     Providing permanent revenue budget for a Climate Change Officer and £30,000 annual revenue funding.

     Participating in Solar Together Devon Scheme.

     The carbon footprint for the 2018/19 financial year has been completed and published.

     A grant application of up to £3million will be made under the public sector decarbonisation scheme.

     Striving to achieve 60% recycling.


The Leader advised savings of £2 million had helped balance the budget this year. The draft 2021/21 budget would balance by using earmarked reserves. However some services would be affected. The Council would be looking to suspend some services for next year, such as the Rural Aid Grant, or look to parish and town councils to assist in the running of services. Council Tax would need to increase by £5 to help balance the budget. Investment in priorities of housing, jobs and climate change would continue.


The Leader acknowledged that the pace of change the last year during the covid situation had been rapid particularly in IT advancement and use, and would remain. There was a vital role for Overview and Scrutiny in shaping transformation. He encouraged the Committee to have a work programme that was topical, relevant and flexible, to be the Executive’s critical friend, and for all Councillors to work together.


In response to questions the Leader advised: he was not in favour of Devon becoming unitary because of financial implications; the Council would make clear during the 2021-22 financial year what services were likely to be suspended to enable parish and town councils to consider if they could assist;  ...  view the full minutes text for item 23.


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The Committee referred to the agenda report which gave an update on the delivery of the Council Strategy 2020-2030, and an overview of performance for the Teignbridge Ten Programmes for quarter 2, 1 July to 31 September 2020. It provided the detailed performance information used to track its delivery, and advised Members where performance was not on track.


It was acknowledged that the Council resources were continuing to be directed to respond to the impact of the Covid situation which disappointingly had resulted on some projects underperforming or being on hold, such as the housing targets, and the leisure centres operating under reduced capacity for active leisure due to covid social distancing. This was also the case with the impact on the community, and the local and national economy which had effected some performance indicators.


The report and actions being taken to rectify performance issues were noted.


Members IT Update

Executive Member Councillor Wrigley to report.

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The Executive Member for Homes and Communities, Councillor Wrigley advised that from April 2021, the technology would be in place with the Council moving over to Microsoft o365, to enable Councillors and officers to access their Council emails through their own devices at no charge to the Council. However, officers and Councillors choosing to do so would be responsible for the security of their devices because the Council would not be providing technical support for private devices.


Future strategic planning working with Exeter City Council,
East Devon District Council, Mid Devon District Council and
Devon County Council pdf icon PDF 225 KB

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The Executive Member for Planning, Councillor Taylor presented the report circulated with the agenda. The report provided further information on the

3 November 2020 Executive report which presented options for alternative joint strategic planning approaches in light of the recommendation to withdraw from the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan (GESP) project. The Executive report recommended that joint strategic planning should continue in the form of a non-statutory joint plan prepared by the four authorities of East Devon, Exeter, Mid Devon and Teignbridge Councils, in partnership with Devon County Council. All Councils recognised the benefits of partnership working, and were seeking approval to progress in principle the production of a joint non-statutory plan.


In response to questions regarding the financial and risk implications, the Committee was advised that:

·        Detailed financial implications between the options had not been calculated. However the report detailed the pros and cons of each option.

·        A non-statutory plan working in partnership with neighbouring authorities carried less risk because responsibility for issues were shared across boundaries.


It was proposed and seconded that the decision of the Executive on 3 November 2020 be supported.


A roll call was taken and the proposal was carried unanimously.




Council be advised that this committee supports the Executive’s recommendation of 3 November 2020:

To support in principle the production of a joint non-statutory plan, to include joint strategy and infrastructure matters, with East Devon, Exeter and Mid-Devon Councils, and in partnership with Devon County Council is approved. This will be subject to agreement of details of the scope of the plan, a timetable for its production, the resources required, and governance arrangements to be agreed at a later date.


At this juncture the Committee adjourned for a short break.


Tourism contribution Update

To receive an update by Executive Member Councillor Jefferies.

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The Executive Member for Economy and Jobs updated the Committee on the introduction of a voluntary Tourism Contribution Scheme, to encourage visitors staying at accommodation providers within 1 mile of the coast to donate £1 per night, capped at £3. The funds would be ring-fenced by the Council to promote Teignbridge as a holiday destination to increase visitor numbers. Feedback from initial consultation had been positive with accommodation providers willing to undertake the administration of the scheme.


The Committee supported the concept. It was suggested that the scheme be extended to the whole of the Teignbridge area with a premium for the coastal areas, and consultation be extended to include this suggestion.


It was noted that there was already a similar scheme run in the Dartmoor National Parke area, and that Teignbridge was promoted through Visit South Devon.



Ecological Emergency Update

To receive an update from the Executive Member Councillor J Hook

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The Executive Member for Climate and Ecological Emergency, Councillor J Hook, updated the Committee on recent action by the Council in responding to this emergency, which including: communication with local MPs for effective legislation; working in partnership with local  and national groups and organisations; public consultation; applications for government funding under the Garden Communities fund and Future High Street fund; tree planting; wildlife warden schemes; the Matford SANGS nearing completion and security of its future maintenance. 


The Chair advised that a report providing further information, outlining the terms of reference, aims and objectives for the establishment of a task and finish/review group would be presented to the February 2021 meeting for consideration.


Covid-19 Community Impact Review Group Update

To receive an update from Members of the Review Group

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The Councillor Lead for the Review Group, Councillor Parker-Khan gave an update on the work of the joint Group across the two overview and scrutiny Committees. Three sub groups, all of six members were focusing on the impact of Covid in the rural, coastal and urban areas of the District.


Results of consultation had particularly highlighted the importance of IT, communication and public transport, the increased sense of isolation and loneliness, financial hardship, job losses and mental health issues.


A report of the Review Group’s findings and recommendations would be presented to the committee in February 2021 for consideration.


The Chair thanked Cllr Parker-Khan, Jenks and J Petherick for leading the three sub groups and for their work, time and commitment.


PSPO (control of dogs) Review Group report pdf icon PDF 140 KB

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Consideration was given to the agenda report.


It was recommended and seconded that the recommendations of the Review Group as detailed in the report be approved. The justifications for each recommendation was set out in the report.


A roll call was taken on each recommendation and was unanimous for recommendations 1-4.


The vote on recommendation 5 was carried as follows:


For the proposal – Cllrs Jenks and Nutley - 2

Against the proposal – 0

Abstentions – Chair and Cllrs Clarance, Hocking, Patch and Thorne - 5




1.  The number of dogs that any one individual can walk at any one time remain at six, because there is insufficient evidence and justification at present to reduce this number to less than six.


2. The local licensing of dogs is not pursued because this would have significant resource implications and there is no provision for the Council to do this under current legislation.


3. The Task Group reconvenes in April 2021 to progress a review of the Order so that any changes can be considered by this Committee, approved by Executive and implemented before the expiry of the existing PSPO in March 2022 to ensure continuity. This would enable consultation, and data to be collated for meaningful consideration, and feedback to Town and Parish Councils. The Group’s terms of reference be approved nearer to the date.




The Executive is recommended to approve the following to promote the existing PSPO within the District:


4. The Environmental Protection Manager requesting Town and Parish Councils to publicise the PSPO in their residents’ newsletters, and circulating a guidance publicity tool kit to assist with this.


5. A-boards, or similar for dog fouling hot spot areas being financed through the Councillors Community Fund scheme, and that Councillors advise their Town and Parish Councils accordingly so that Town and Parish Councils can locate the signs when and where necessary. As part of this initiative, the Environment Protection Manager, and Cllrs D Cox and Phipps have discussions with Teignmouth Town Council to support them in a publicity campaign and for them to arrange for appropriate signage for the Den in order to address concerns raised in relation this area.



Minutes of the Strata Joint Executive Committee 22 September 2020 pdf icon PDF 226 KB

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The Minutes of the meeting held on 25 September 2020 were received and noted.